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There are a lot of articles written already, like Network.DLL pages or pages about the language itself. Many constants and functions have been added too.
New to Fenix?
Checkout the Setting up Fenix page!



Current official version is Fenix 0.92a and the latest unofficial version is 0.93 Preview 9. The Bennu 0.93 Win32 Compiler is fully compatible with the Fenix 0.93 Interpreter, but has many advantages. The setup page describes how to setup Fenix for developing and running.



There is a great variety of content on this Wiki: for example articles about the language itself, functions, predefined constants, but also tutorials of any kind and people can even make their own project page here.


The structure of FenixWiki is pretty selfexplanatory; quick ways to find things include:

  • The menu on the left
  • The search function
  • Main index
  • The category links at the bottom of pages


We rely entirely on you to add content to the wiki. The more content the better it will be. You can make articles look more homogenic by referring to the standards and their templates. They're easy to understand and feel natural to follow. Use the templates for easy use.

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