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You do not have to feel obligated, but please try to keep your article according to following standards, so that we can get a homogenic look. The standards are quite natural and will appear logical when followed. Different sections contain different information; below are three general section which are mostly used.

Also look at these:

Note that in practice you don't need to look at these standards. Just copy the wikicode of the function example or variable_example and edit its content. When you are unsure about something, you can always refer to it.


This is the name of the function, process, variable, ... , and also, probably, the name of the article. Before the name is the datatype of the variable or of what the function returns.

Here is some general information such as what the function's or variable's purpose, or a specific dll you need. Notice the white line, indicating a sort of separate section.


Some more in depth information about the subject, if needed. The kind of information not needed for normal use, but more like "doing it like so is bad or doing it like that is good".


A simple example using the function (between <pre> tags). Please do not use links in your code, but refer to the keywords beneath the code in a list, if needed. Only include relevant keywords, i.e. do not link to every possible reserved word. The example doesn't have to be advanced or big, on the contrary, simple examples are better.

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