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Blit flags

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[edit] Definition

Blit flags are bit flags which can be passed to some map functions, to specify a certain effect when blitting a graphic. These functions are:

They can also be used to specify a certain effect for the blitting of the graphic of a process, by assigning blit flags to its local variable flags.

In Fenix versions prior to 0.89c, the constants are not available and have to be declared or defined manually. Alternatively the values themselves can be used.

[edit] List

Constant - Value - Description
B_HMIRROR - 1 - Blit the graph horizontally mirrored.
B_VMIRROR - 2 - Blit the graph vertically mirrored.
B_TRANSLUCENT - 4 - Blit the graph with half transparency.
B_ALPHA - 8 - Blit the graph in some way. (What does this do exactly?)
B_ABLEND - 16 - Blit the graph using additive blending (nice effect for fire).
B_SBLEND - 32 - Blit the graph using subtractive blending (nice effect for ghosting).
B_NOCOLORKEY - 128 - Blit the transparent parts of the graph as black (color 0).
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