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Local variable

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[edit] Definition

A local variable is a variable that is specific to a process in the same way as a public variable: they are both accessible from other places in the code than the process/function itself. However, unlike a public variable, when a local variable is declared, all following processes will have that local.

Note that in earlier versions of Fenix (Fenix 0.84b and before) the first local variable to be defined is bugged and will cause the program to crash if used. To avoid this, the first local to be declared by the user should not be used, but instead be a garbage variable.

There's also a number of predefined local variables.

To start the declaration of local variables, use Local.

[edit] Example

    // For versions 0.84b and before declare a garbage variable here
    // insert local variables that you can use here

Process Main()
    //rest of program...

Used in example: Process, Local, Begin, End

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