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[edit] Definition

INT blur ( <INT fileID> , <INT graphID> , <BYTE mode> )

This will make the specified graphic blurry by using a specified mode. It manipulates the graphic directly.

Only 16bit graphics are supported.

[edit] Parameters

INT fileID - The fileID of the file that holds the graphics.
INT graphID - The graphID of the graphic to convert.
BYTE mode - The blur mode that is applied to the graphic (see below).

[edit] Returns


0 - Invalid graphic or non 16bit graphic used.
1 - Success.

[edit] Errors

Unsupported color depth - The graphic's color depth is not 16bit.

[edit] Blur Modes

Constant - Value - Description
 ??? - 0 - single pixel: considers pixels located to the left and above of each pixel.
 ??? - 1 - 3x3: considers all 8 adjacent pixels.
 ??? - 2 - 5x5: considers the 24 pixels that surrounds each pixel.
 ??? - 3 - 5x5 with additional map: Just as the previous one but using a temporary map.

Graphical effects Functions
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