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[edit] Definition

Struct Fileinfo

Fileinfo is a global variable struct, containing information about a file/directory entry, last returned by glob().

[edit] Members

Member name - Description
STRING path - The path to the file/directory.
STRING name - The name of the file/directory.
INT directory - true/false: whether the file/directory is a directory or not
INT hidden - true/false: whether the file is hidden or not
INT readonly - true/false: whether the file is read only or not
INT size - The size of the file/directory.
STRING created - The date when the file/directory was created.
STRING modified - The date when the file/directory was last modified.

[edit] Notes

The string path doesn't contain the name of the file/directory.

The strings created and modified are in the format: DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm

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