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Project:Mech Assault

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Mech Assault
Project name Mech Assault
Project type Game
Genre Online Topdown Carnage
Compiler used Fenix 0.93
Interpreter used Fenix 0.93

So yeah, about this'll kick ass fo' sho' some day.

The basic idea is to have an online topdown carnage fest for all to enjoy. I was working on some mech movement when I temporarily moved to another project. I have no clue about specific game play, but you should be expecting the usual stuff like laser, impulse and rapid bullet firing weapons to maximize the bloodshed (or oilshed?). I hope Fenix/Bennu can handle all the shit going around on the screen in the full version one day, else I might be forced to do it in C++ and SDL. just wait and see what will become of it.

--Sandman 00:00, 12 September 2007 (CEST)

[edit] Screenshot

Yes, some menu. The server was off when I took the screenshot.
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