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Put screen

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[edit] Definition

INT put_screen ( <INT fileID> , <INT graphID> )

Clears and draws (blits) a graph onto the background in the center.

For more advanced blitting, see:

[edit] Parameters

INT fileID - The file that holds the graph.
INT graphID - The graph to draw with.

[edit] Returns


0 - Invalid map.
1 - Success.

[edit] Notes

The center of the specified graph influences its placement.

The following codes are equivalent:


See clear_screen(), put() and graphic_info().

[edit] Errors

Invalid map - The specified map is invalid.
Unsupported color depth - The origin graph's color depth is greater than the destination graph's.

Screen Functions
Clear_screen() • Get_screen() • Put() • Put_screen() • Xput() •
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