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[edit] Definition

INT save ( <STRING filename> , <VARSPACE data> )

Saves the data from the specified variable to the specified file.

[edit] Parameters

STRING filename - The name of the file that will be saved.
VARSPACE data - The variable (of any datatype) that will be saved in a file.

[edit] Returns

INT : The number of bytes written to the file.

[edit] Notes

Attempting to use "?","*","<",">" or "|" in a filename will result in no file at all on Windows, while using ":" in a filename results in everything from the ":" and beyond being cut off from the file name and the resulting file will be of size 0.

Using the characters "/" or "\" in the filename (without directories that can be accessed that way) results in everything from this character and before being cut off from the filename. The file will be saved successfully nonetheless.

[edit] Example

Program test;
    struct My_struct
        string Map_name="Amazing map";
        Save("myfile.sav",My_struct); // The content of My_struct is saved in myfile.sav
        Write(0,10,10,0,"Data saved!");

    While (!key(_ESC))

Used in example: save(), write(), key()

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