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[edit] Definition

INT save_fnt ( <INT fontID> , <STRING filename> )

Saves a font as a file. A font is usually with the extension ".fnt".

If the specified filename contains no extension, ".fnt" is added to it.

[edit] Parameters

INT fontID - The fontID of the font to be saved.
STRING filename - The name of the font file to be saved, including a possible path.

[edit] Returns

INT : Successrate

false - Filename could not be obtained from the specified string (doesn't happen usually) or one of the errors.
true - Font successfully saved.

[edit] Errors

Invalid fontID - The specified fontID was invalid.
Unable to create file - The file could not be created.
Font corrupt - The font trying to be saved is corrupt.
Insufficient memory - There is insufficient memory available. This error doesn't occur often.

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