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Write in map

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[edit] Definition

INT write_in_map ( <INT fontID> , <STRING text> , <INT alignment> )

Creates a new graphic in memory with the given text on it (without borders around the text) and puts it in the system file.

[edit] Parameters

INT fontID - The FontID of the font to be used for the text.
STRING text - The text to be used.
INT alignment - The type of alignment.

[edit] Returns

INT : GraphID

0 - Error. The text could not be obtained or was empty.
 !0 - The GraphID of the graphic of the generated graphic in the system file.

[edit] Notes

This function creates a graphic containing the specified font, with a width and height determined by the physical size of the text; the graphic's size will fit the text exactly to the pixel. The graphic will be stored in memory with FileID 0 (using the system file), and can be obtained at any time by calling its GraphID. The graphic can also be unloaded from memory by using unload_map().

The centre of the graph (control point 0) is given according to the given alignment. This gives added functionality of being able to place the graph like texts, yet also using flags, alpha, rotation, collision(), etc.

Processes can adopt the graphic containing the text, or it can be displayed with some maps functions, creating a very handy function.

[edit] Errors

Invalid font - The specified font does not exist or is invalid.

[edit] Example

Program example;
    graph=write_in_map(0,"Game programming is awesome!",4);

Used in example: set_text_color(), rgb(), key(), x, y, mouse

This will result in something like:

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