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[edit] Definition

INT load_ttf ( <STRING filename> , <INT height> )

Loads a TTF file as a font into memory.

Also called TTF_Load() (if TTF.fh is included).

[edit] Parameters

STRING filename - The filename of the TTF file that you wish to load (including extension and possible path).
INT height - The height in pixels of the to be created font, a size indication.

[edit] Returns

INT : FontID

-1 - Error: file does not exist; insufficient memory; failed to init freetype.dll; error while loading file; error creating new font.
0 - Invalid filename.
>0 - The FontID.

[edit] Errors

Insufficient memory - There is insufficient memory available. This error doesn't occur often.
Failed to init freetype.dll - There was an error initializing freetype.dll
Error loading file - There occurred an error while trying to load the file.
Error creating new font - There occurred an error while trying to create a new font.

[edit] Notes

This function gets a TrueType font and creates a new font with generated glyphs based on the recovered font in the standard characters set (ISO-8859-1). These glyphs are generated with two colours, being colour 0 (transparent) and the color last set by set_text_color(). The first one is the background colour and the last one is the colour of the characters self.

It's possible to save the loaded font as FNT with save_fnt(). This way the font can be reused on platforms not supporting TTF.DLL. Note that a FNT file only has information about the font for one size, while a TTF file has information for any size.

The specified size is only an indication; some characters may be a little higher in fact.

[edit] Example

include "TTF.fh";

Process Main()
    int fontID;

    fontID = load_ttf("myttf.ttf",20);

    write(fontID,160,100,4,"Look at my TTF font!");



Used in example: set_text_color(), rgb(), load_ttf(), write(), key(), unload_fnt()

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