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Render flags

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[edit] Definition

Render flags are used to specify the mode of rendering, by passing them to the function set_mode() as the flags parameter. Multiple render flags can be specified using "|" (pipe character) for separation.

See also graph_modes.

[edit] List

Constant - Value - Description
MODE_WINDOW - 0 - Enables window view.
MODE_2XSCALE - 256 - Doubles the resolution. Edges get smoothed using the scale2x algorithm.
MODE_FULLSCREEN - 512 - Enables fullscreen view.
MODE_DOUBLEBUFFER - 1024 - Enables using a double buffer for display. Also called DOUBLE_BUFFER.
MODE_HARDWARE - 2048 - Enables writing directly to Video RAM instead of main RAM. Also called HW_SURFACE.
MODE_MODAL - 4096 - Makes the main window a Modal window.
MODE_FRAMELESS - 8192 - Makes the main window borderless.

[edit] More info

  • MODE_HARDWARE can cause some operations to speed up and some to slow down.
  • MODE_MODAL causes the main window to stay focused and hold the mouse.
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