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Set mode

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[edit] Definition

INT set_mode ( <INT width> , <INT height> , [<INT depth>] , [<INT flags>] )

Sets the screen resolution of your program, and optionally the colordepth of the screen and any render flags for extra options. If this command is not used, the default settings will take effect (320x200 at 256(8 bit) colors).

Some much used resolutions are: 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1400x1050.

[edit] Parameters

INT width - Width of the screen in pixels.
INT height - Height of the screen in pixels.
INT [depth] - Color depth of the screen. See color_depths.
INT [flags] - Mode of rendering. See render flags.

[edit] Returns

INT : true

[edit] Notes

Any fpg files you load must have the same or a lower colordepth as you set for the screen.

Uncommon resolutions can also be used, for example 399x10, which will be the actual size of the window if you run in windowed mode. At full screen black edges might appear.

To circumvent the maximum resolution (1600 pixels wide and 1400 pixels high), this DLL can help.

[edit] Errors

Unsupported graphical mode - Specified graphical mode is not supported.

[edit] Example

Program test;

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