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[edit] Definition

INT NET_Connect ( <STRING address> , <WORD port> , [<BYTE consolereports>] )

Opens a connection to the specified address on the specified port.

Also called NET_Open().

[edit] Parameters

STRING address - The address to which will be connected.
WORD port - The port on which will be connected.
[BYTE consolereports] - true/false: specifies whether there will be console reports for this connection (like messages).

[edit] Returns

INT : Connection identifier.

NET_ERROR_INVALIDSOCKETSET - The socketset is invalid.
NET_ERROR_SOCKETSETINACTIVE - The socketset is inactive.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDPORTNUMBER - The portnumber is invalid (<0 or >65535).
NET_ERROR_INVALIDTYPE - The type specified is invalid.
NET_ERROR_TOOMANYCONNS - There are too many connections
NET_ERROR_RESOLVINGHOST - Could not resolve host.
NET_ERROR_CONNECTING - Could not connect.
NET_ERROR_ADDINGSOCKET - Could not add socket to socketset.
0 - n - Connection identifier. (Where n is the number of maximum allowed connections)

[edit] Example

Program example;
    include "Network.fh";



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