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NET Separator

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[edit] Definition

INT NET_Separator ( <WORD connection> , <STRING separator> , <BYTE length> )

Specifies a separation string. Messages will be separated where this string is found. This is useful for various reasons. Like making an IRC client, you can do:

NET_Separator( netid , chr(13)+chr(10) , 2 );

IRC uses the ending string \r\n (carriagereturn and newline), so now the incoming messages will be automatically separated.

Maximum length is 255 characters.

NET_Separator( <WORD connection> ) equals NET_GetSeparator( <WORD connection> ).

[edit] Parameters

WORD connection - The connection identifier.
STRING separator - The separation string. Specify 0 for normal operation, thus without separation.
BYTE length - The length of the separation string.

[edit] Returns

INT : Network.DLL Errorcode

NET_ERROR_INVALIDCONN - The connection is invalid.
NET_ERROR_CONNINACTIVE - The connection is inactive.
NET_ERROR_NONE - No error.

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