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NET Defines

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[edit] General

NET_MAX_MSG_LEN - Maximum number of bytes per message. (doesn't really apply, ignore it)
NET_FPS - The frame percentage of the NET Loop. (default is frame;)

[edit] Connection Status codes

NET_STATUS_DISCONNECTING - -4 - The connection is being disconnected
NET_STATUS_DISCONNECTED - -2 - The connection is disconnected.
NET_STATUS_INACTIVE - 0 - (The connection is) inactive.
NET_STATUS_ACTIVE - 1 - (The connection is) active.
NET_STATUS_ESTABLISHED - 2 - The connection is established.
NET_STATUS_ESTABLISHING - 4 - The connection is being established.

[edit] Console Reports modes

NET_CONSOLEREPORTS_NO - false - Console reports disabled.
NET_CONSOLEREPORTS_YES - true - Console reports enabled.

[edit] Errorcodes


Network.DLL Documentation
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