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NET Errorcodes

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Here is a list of all the errorcodes regarding Network.DLL.

Catching errorcodes is very easy: just check if the return value is negative, then it is an error.

result = NET_Xxx();
    say("NET Error: " + NET_GetError(result));
    // success
Constant - Description
NET_ERROR_NONE - No error.
NET_ERROR_INITIALIZATION - Error during initialization.
NET_ERROR_NOTINITIALIZED - Network.DLL not initialized. Depecrated.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDADDRESS - Invalid IP address. Deprecated.
NET_ERROR_RESOLVINGHOST - Could not resolve host.
NET_ERROR_ALLOCSOCKETSET - Could not allocate socketset. Deprecated.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDSOCKETSET - The socketset is invalid.
NET_ERROR_SOCKETSETINACTIVE - The socketset is inactive.
NET_ERROR_ADDINGSOCKET - Could not add socket to socketset.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDSOCKETSET - The socketset is invalid.
NET_ERROR_DELETINGSOCKET - Could not delete the socket.
NET_ERROR_CONNECTING - Could not connect.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDCONN - The connection is invalid.
NET_ERROR_CONNINACTIVE - The connection is inactive.
NET_ERROR_LISTENINGONCONN - Could not listen on connection.
NET_ERROR_TOOMANYCONNS - There are too many connections
NET_ERROR_TOOFEWCONNS - Too small number of maximum connections
NET_ERROR_INVALIDTYPE - The type specified is invalid.
NET_ERROR_ALREADYINIT - Network.DLL already initialized.
NET_ERROR_MESSAGETOOLONG - The message is too long.
NET_ERROR_MESSAGETOOSHORT - The message is too short.
NET_ERROR_OUTGOINGSTACKFULL - Outgoing Message stack is full.
NET_ERROR_INCOMINGSTACKFULL - Incoming Message stack is full.
NET_ERROR_SENDING - Could not send message.
NET_ERROR_RECEIVING - Could not receive message.
NET_ERROR_DISCONNECTING - Could not close connection.
NET_ERROR_DISCONNECTED - Connection was closed.
NET_ERROR_TOOMANYLISTENERS - Too many listenports specified.
NET_ERROR_INVALIDPORTNUMBER - The portnumber is invalid (<0 or >65535).
NET_ERROR_SIZEMISMATCH - Integral size mismatch.
NET_ERROR_RESOLVINGIP - Could not resolve IP.
NET_ERROR_NONEXTERNALCONN - Non-external connection. Deprecated.
NET_ERROR_NONEWMESSAGE - The incomingbuffer is empty.
NET_ERROR_UNFINISHEDMESSAGE - The message in the incomingbuffer is incomplete.
NET_ERROR_NULLPOINTER - NULL pointer exception.
NET_ERROR_NONEXISTINGGRAPH - The graph does not exist.
NET_ERROR_NONEXISTINGFILE - The file does not exist.
NET_ERROR_CREATINGGRAPH - Could not create graph.
NET_ERROR_OPENINGFILE - Could not open file.

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