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Set fps

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[edit] Definition

INT set_fps ( <INT fps> , <INT skip> )

Sets the frames per second (framerate) your program aims to display. The more frames per second, the faster your program runs. Some computers might not be able to display the amount of frames you specified, and will show a lower fps. Therefore, it is important you choose a fps that is reasonable and can also be displayed by the somewhat slower computers. If you don't use this function then the default fps will be used (25 fps).

[edit] Parameters

INT fps - Frames per second to use. The default is 25.
INT skip - Frames the program is allowed to skip to keep up with the specified framerate if it's running low on processor time. The default is 0.

[edit] Returns

INT : The FPS entered.

[edit] Notes

If you use Set_fps(0,0), then your program will run at the maximum speed your computer can possibly handle.

It is said, the frame skipping does not work satisfactory in Fenix 0.83b.

The current FPS is in the global variable fps.

[edit] Errors


[edit] Example

Program test;

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