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[edit] Definition

INT size_x = 100

Size_x is a predefined local variable that can be used to stretch or compress a graphic along its horizontal axis. It is defined as a percentage of the original graphic size. The graphics's center will remain at the drawing coordinates when the graphic is drawn.

When either size_x or size_y of a process are unequal to [code]100[/code], that process' size has no effect.

[edit] Example

To make the graphic of a process continually stretch horizontally:

Process Main()
    graph = new_map(50,50,8); // Create a new graphic
    x = 100;                  // Position the graphic 100 pixels
    y = 100;                  // from the top and left of the screen
        size_x += 1;          // Increase the width of the graphic by 1 percent each frame.

Used in example: new_map(), [[x], y, size_x, unload_map()

[edit] See also

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